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What is your life motto?

Change is the only constant and get outside!

Your advice for new students?

You got this!! 

Learning a trade skill is so rewarding in many ways. It will be hard, and that’s ok, if it were easy you wouldn’t be learning!

What is your favourite hairstyle and why?

I LOVE a good, clean blunt bob. I always found creating a clean, straight line to be one of the most challenging cuts to create.

The sleek look is a beautiful finish on someone who has the hair type to rock it, otherwise, there is nothing more satisfying then adding a little wave texture to a bob!

Why Eikonic?

After working in the industry for almost 20 years, as a salon owner, an educator, and stylist behind the chair, the pandemic hit and I, like many others, made a career change. I wanted to incorporate my experience in the industry and was fortunate to
become hair school instructor. A great example of trusting your path as I hadn’tcenvisioned I would be working in a hair school environment. 

My early education career had my teaching in the GTA and surrounding areas, doing stage work in Ontario and Quebec ( in French!!) and travelled North America for my education training and career. I has worked with companies such as GHD, Wella, Sebastian, Nioxin and L’Oreal.

I had experienced Eikonic in 2019 at their first Hair Jam, where I had the honour to do creative colour for one of the Hair Jam stylists. I was immediately impressed by the space. When the opportunity arose to work with the Eikonic team, I jumped on it.
Eikonic is going to change the face of hair school. Eikonic are innovative, involved, inspiring and conscious of what changes need to be made. I immediately resonated with the Eikonic vision and I’m so excited to be part of the team!

What inspired you to teach or work in hair education?

When I opened my first salon in 2006, a sales representative told me about an opportunity to train with Sebastian Professional. I was so inspired by the company’s approach to haircutting and pleased with the educator training I received that I wanted to
look further into growing my career. 

My education career grew organically over the years with
the product companies I worked with and I finished strong as Canada’s first GHD educator. These ongoing inspiring experiences I had in the industry encouraged me to want to be part of sharing the world of hair with others!

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