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Learn how to cut men’s hair with scissors | Learn how to fade for beginners

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    Barber Navigation3 days workshop

    Barber Navigations Workshop Barbering Workshop Barber Learning best salon Mississauga barbershop Toronto Hair school Barber College Eikonic Academy
    Barber Navigations Workshop Barbering Workshop Barber Learning best salon Mississauga barbershop Toronto Hair school Barber College Eikonic Academy mobile

    Hands-on Workshops

    Learn to navigate popular barbershop–reality mens haircuts using the Eikonic Barbering System. This course is perfect for those who are looking to deepen their understanding of mens barbering. Understand the mechanics that go into a great haircut from start to finish. Learn how to recognize face shapes, adapt to different hair types and personalize the haircut for your clients. Master both the fade and how to cut the top.

    Barber Navigation


    Course format
    3 Days
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    Course outline:

    Course Overview

    Designed for efficiency, this strategic approach to hair will allow you to plan your time and maximize your productivity so that you’ll never have to go back to ‘blend’ in your mistakes

    • Understand guard systems and measurements
    • Eikonic’s Forms Cutting Solutions
    • Learn to “skip guards” and blend better
    • Define solutions for irregular head shapes
    • Learn tips to avoid unforgiving mistakes
    • Learn time-saving techniques
    • Practice advance cutting tools handling
    • Build strong principles and a deeper understanding
    Day 1

    You will learn & practice:

    • Advanced comb handling techniques
    • Advanced scissors handling and techniques
    • Technical terminologies
    • Eikonic’s Forms Cutting theory
    • Scissors handling and texturizing techniques
    • Advanced fingers and scissors positions
    • Ergonomic body positioning and stance
    • Hair and products styling techniques
    • Control hair sectioning and clipping
    • Horizontal, vertical and diagonal cutting way
    • Service design and branding strategy
    Day 2

    You will learn and practice:

    • Clipper and trimmer hidden features
    • Clippers and trimmers maintenance
    • Effectively use and control your clippers
    • Connections between guards shapes and measurements
    • Combine fades and forms to create infinite variations
    • Head structure analysis and design decision
    • Different clipper cutting blades and purpose
    • Consultation strategies
    • Hair line trimmer detailing techniques
    • Taper – low fade, medium fade
    • Clipper blending techniques such as cross hatch, pointillism
    • Connection and disconnection of interior and exterior of head
    • Create movements and textures for excellent hair styling experience
    Day 3

    You will learn and practice:

    • Reviews and recaps
    • Technical blend and visual blend
    • High skin fade / bald fades
    • Clipper-over-comb techniques
    • Free-hand clipper handling and cutting techniques
    • Advance on scalp blending and fading techniques
    • Connection points – from fade to lengthier scissors areas
    • Connection and disconnection of interior and exterior of head
    • Activate textures and movements for shorter hair styling experience
    • Effective consultation
    • Skill transfer on live model

    Live model required for 2:00pm (with at least 3″ hair all around

    Tools to bring
      Clipper (adjustable)
      Guards 1/16”, 1/8”, 1/4″, 3/8”
      T-blade trimmer
      Foil shaver
      Clipper comb (bright colour)
      Flat top comb
      Section comb
      Spray water bottle
      Neck duster / cleaning brush
      2 towels
      Hair jaw clips
      Precision sectioning clips
      Cutting scissors (5.5 – 6.0 inch)
      Texturizing scissors
      Vent brush
      Round brush (medium size)

    Get working fast.

    This short, hands-on workshops will keep you inspired and ignite your creativity. Explore new skills and apply effective salon and barbershop reality techniques to your service offering today.

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    What you will learn

    Save time with easy techniques for both clipper and scissors work. Learn how to visualize and successfully strategize a men's haircut. Seamlessly combine a crisp skin fade with lengthier scissors techniques for infinite creative combinations.


    The good times

    Where some of the brightest minds in the industry come together to learn from each other, grow, and inspire.

    Barbering Workshop students Barber Navigation Learning best salon Mississauga barbershop Toronto Hair school Barber College Eikonic Academy
    Barbering Workshop students Barber Navigation Learning best salon Mississauga barbershop Toronto Hair school Barber College Eikonic Academy mobile
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    We have a


    Whether you are looking to become a barber or hairstylist or would like upgrade your arsenal of skills with the latest hair techniques - we’ve got you covered.

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    In case you missed anything

    Workshops are live in-person hands-on learning experiences with a live instructor conducted on a specific date usually over the course of a few days focusing on a specific skill or technique. New comers and professionals looking to refresh their knowledge can both benefit from workshops. 

    Diploma Programs are accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Training in Ontario. Students enrolled in the diploma program are working towards obtaining their Ontario Licensing. The Eikonic Hair Diploma Program is 40 weeks (about 10 months long) and covers extensively on all skills in the hair industry. Students who want to open up a barbershop or salon should choose to enroll in the Eikonic Hair Diploma Program. 

    Not sure which courses are best suited for your needs?

    Click here for more information on our program offerings or all our program coordinators at 905-461-3034

    Workshop courses vary between 1 – 3 days in duration.

    The Eikonic Hair Diploma Program is 40 weeks in duration.

    Each course format has it’s own pre-requisites to ensure optimal learning outcomes. Please refer to each course’s e-deck for reference or call our admin office at 905-461-3034

    There are several ways to register for our workshops. 

    Online – simply click to register under the corresponding course.

    Call – 905-461-3034 to secure your seat.

    In person – visit Eikonic Academy to register.

    You can pay using all major credit cards in person, e-transfer online, via Paypal or with cash or debit in person.

    We also offers financing options through Flexiti and PayBright.

    Call us at 905-461-3034 for any questions regarding payment options.

    You have up to 2 weeks before class starts to withdraw from the course for a full-refund.

    Any withdrawals up to 24 hours before the course start is subject to 50% administrative fee.

    You have the option to defer the course up to 24 hours before the course for another date, subject to a $100 administrative fee.

    Workshop and online courses are considered advancements and refresher courses.

    Hours from workshops and online courses cannot be bundled and cannot be combined towards the Ontario diploma program.

    Need guidance? We're here to help.

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