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Men’s hair trends change every 6-8 months. Stay ahead of the curve and equip yourself with the skills needed to build loyalty. Learn powerful and effective scissor handling and styling techniques. Get creative – learn shop-reality tips and techniques to personalize your look and give your clients a hairstyle instead of just a haircut.

In this intensive scissor bootcamp workshop you will unlock new ways of thinking and ramp up your scissor skills to get you you working fast. Immediately apply techniques back at the shop with this step-by-step navigation course that teaches you not only how to cut – but why.

Work more efficiently,  tackle any hair length and texture and section and style with ease. This scissor bootcamp course will challenge your thinking and help you grow as a creative artist.

This class doesn’t teach you ‘a method’ rather takes you on a learning journey to understand the why behind the way you approach hair. You’ll gain an understanding on why certain sections are created and their purpose in building the structure of a solid men’s scissor cut.

Inclusions: Male Manikin, YS Park 339 Precision Cutting Comb, Micro Mist Spray Bottle,  Lunch, Certificate of Completion.






What you will learn
  • Overdirection
  • Elevation
  • Effective consultations
  • Drying Cutting, Slide Cutting
  • Manual texturizing
  • Comb handling for efficiency
  • Masculine layers for a textured look
  • Point Cutting
  • Palm-to-Palm handling
  • Adapting and Precision cutting techniques
Square blunt | Diagonal blunt| Backward graduation | Square layers
  • Introduction to scissors, their construction, the difference between offset, even and crane handles and their functions.
  • What to look for when you are buying scissors.
  • Comb handling and measurement systems.
  • Scissor handling, cutting and gripping techniques.
  • Head mapping for successful sectioning.
  • Structural framework for supporting hair distribution.
Tall pompadour | Short pompadour | Graduated taper | Square taper
  • Point cutting
  • Manual texturizing and debulking
  • Slide cutting for redirecting hair flow
  • Styling and blow drying techniques
  • Scissor over comb
  • Directional texturizing for movement
  • Hair redirection techniques for thinning crowns
  • Connection points – from the fade to lengthier scissors
  • Styling and blow drying techniques

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