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Paying for Hairschool

Don’t think you can afford your college education? Think again! Tuition, fees, deadlines and more. Get the info you are looking for!

Options A

Tuition & toolkit

Application Fee



2yr LAB Digital Subscription
$700 + HST
Options B

Tuition, toolkit & textbooks

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2yr LAB Digital Subscription

+ Printed Textbooks

+ Study Guide

$1,200 + HST

Access Student Payment Centre

All your tuition invoices and receipts are neatly organized online on TUIO.  Your payments are automatically withdrawn hassle-free so you can focus on your learning while enrolled at Eikonic Academy.

This can be accessed via   myTuio.

Payment Plan

Need help paying for school?

Eikonic has a selection of payment plans to make paying your fees a little bit easier.
For more information contact our financial consellor:

Terence Lai

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Education Tax Credits

Official tax receipts for the tuition portion of your course fees will be available each year by the end of February (T2202).

Training Grants

Eikonic works with employers to deliver training and co-op placement opportunities for eligible students.
Qualified candidates may offset the cost of their education with the support of their employment sponsor.

If you are an employer that is

  • Interested in hiring our students
  • Can provide co-op opportunities

You will benefit from government assisted financial support


Jessica Hoach

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