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Meet the team reforming the way hair education is being taught in Canada.

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We’re a group of passionate professionals that want to share our decades of knowledge and insight with you. We are here to educate, inspire and challenge you to evolve into a better version of yourself. 

Partner & College Dean
Partner & Program Director
Partner & Academy Director
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The future is in our hands

Evoke. Explore. Evolve.

We are always looking to grow our team.

We offer a stimulating environment that encourages innovation, teamwork and individual professional development. We have found that the most successful team members share the following traits

Are you...

  • passionate about bettering the future of our industry?
  • willing to share your knowledge and experience?
  • adaptable and open to new challenges?
  • appreciative of our industry’s past but are ready to challenge the status quo?

You are:

  • fun, energetic and can bring people together!
  • have the ability to evoke a new ways of thinking!
  • an opportunist and can easily see the potential in others!
  • have leadership capabilities!

We can make a difference together.

The world we live in needs more change makers like you.
Please submit resumes to

Email: Apply@eikonicacademy.com

Only those selected for an interview will be contacted 

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