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Barbering and Hairstyling Programs

We continually refine our barbering and hairstyling courses to be radically relevant to today’s hair trends. At Eikonic, you learn the exact skills that today’s clients want. Dive into a full-time immersive program to launch your hair career or upgrade your skills with one of our part-time hands-on workshops.

These programs are specifically designed to help you become a multi-faceted professional, and will get you working fast. Learn the powerful tools needed to enhance your career.  Start by surrounding yourself with a cohort of like-minded, highly motivated entrepreneurial learners and a team of knowledgeable beauty industry educators.

Full-Time Program:

Eikonic Academy’s full-time Diploma class offers a comprehensive program that specializes in barbering and hairstyling.  You will learn all things related to hair in class, while also experiencing first hand what a real salon or barbershop feels like on the Academy’s practical floor.  Taught by instructors whose all been licensed, Eikonic Academy will help prepare you in getting your Ontario Hairstyling License.  All hours earned at Eikonic Academy will also count towards your hours requirement set by the Ministry of Skills and Trades in Ontario.  When you graduate from Eikonic Academy, you will receive an Ontario Diploma.

We are currently running an entrance grant to be used on tool-kits and textbooks!  Click here for more details!

Part-Time Workshops:

Eikonic Academy also offers part-time Certificate barbering workshops that are made to help hone your barbering skills.  Starting with an in-depth fade workshops to straight-razor shave classes, the Academy has a workshop to cater to your skill level and needs.  Workshops vary between 1 – 3 days, with a small student to instructor ratio.  The workshops boast a ‘instructor shows, you copy’ take on education, where we make sure you’re able to replicate what’s demonstrated to you before we continue.  You will receive a Certificate of Completion for finishing the workshop.



Eikonic Academy Barbering and Hairstyling Workshop - Toronto, Ontario Eikonic Academy Barbering and Hairstyling Workshop - Toronto, Ontario Models after a Workshop at Eikonic Academy - Toronto, OntarioMannikin Work - Toronto, Ontario Eikonic Academy Barbering and Hairstyling Workshop - Toronto, Ontario Eikonic Academy Barbering and Hairstyling Workshop - Toronto, Ontario

Fusion: Customer Service, Business Essentials, Technical

Learn best practice business-building tools including information, scripts and systems that have been proven to work, time and time again in leading salons and barbershops

Ontario Hair Diploma Program

Earn a double major as a barber-stylist

Barber Navigation Workshop

Before you take any intro or advance barber classes out there - this is where you should start

Shave Workshop

Learn the art and science behind the hot towel shave experience

Mizutani Scissors Cutting Classes

Mens Precision Cutting, Sectioning and Techniques Class