Student Barber Competition 2022

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" On your marks. Get set. Go! "

The buzzing of clippers, the rhythmic snip, snip, snip of scissors, the click and whirring motor of blow dryers being turned on and off, the spritzing sound of an aerosol can of hairspray, and the intermittent sound of air being pumped and decompressed from barber chairs to get to the perfect height. 

These are the sounds you may have heard if you were at a barber battle.

Earlier this spring, Eikonic Academy of Barbering and Beauty students competed in our very own Barber Battle Competition. Students from both our junior and senior sections were able to sign up and put their skills to the test. Sponsored by Babyliss Pro – students were challenged to bring their own live model and had to demonstrate their mastery in both clipper and scissors work – prominent skills possessed by a true barber-stylist.

The Objective: Create a Classic Pompadour with a Fade in 60 minutes

The competition ranked students among 5 categories including: 

  1. Styling – how well the look is put together with products and grooming
  2. Balance – how pleasing to the eye the overall shape and hair level is
  3. Creativity – how unique the overall look is compared to all entrants 
  4. Blend and Transition – how well the clipper work blends into the scissor work 
  5. Cleanliness & Presentation  – how clean is the model after the cut and style 
Martin Truong Barbering Judge Barber Battle best salon Mississauga barbershop Toronto Hair school Barber College Eikonic Academy

For fair judgment, students would also be disqualified if they used any enhancements. 

The judging panel consisted of Eikonic instructor Lisa Bela and Program Director Martin Truong, along with guest judges from local barber shops including Philip from Upper Mgt Streetsville, Giancarlo from The Blank Canvas in Woodbridge as well as Eikonic alumni and TikTok influencer Divya Narine who scored all contestants.

Two awards were recognized. 

1st place winner was picked by the panel of judges. 

2nd place was based on people’s choice awards – where the student body would be able to cast their votes. 

After 1 hour of intense competition, the judges deliberated for 5 minutes and came to a consensus.

And the winners are….

Congratulations to 

1st place winner went to Jacob Alipio for his unique duck-tail classic pompadour and fade. 

2nd place winner – for the People’s Choice Award went to Michael Salaveria who was only a Level 1 student at the time of competition. 

Congratulations to all those who turned up and challenged themselves in Eikonic’s 1st Barber Competition. After such a great reception, Eikonic is looking forward to hosting future competitions celebrating all aspects of hair creativity. 

Got an idea for a future hair competition? Let us know. 

Are you an owner interested in being a judge at our event? Click here for more informati

Barber battle best salon Mississauga barbershop Toronto Hair school Barber College Eikonic Academy