Thinking of Transferring from Your Hair School?

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Thinking of Transferring from Your Hair School?[2023]

You’ve finally made it to hairstyling school with a simple plan: learn the trade, make friends, and kickstart a career. But as the months roll by, you discover there’s so much more beneath the surface.

Soon, you realize the education quality, social dynamics, and teaching styles aren’t quite what you expected. Such discoveries often prompt students to think about the steps in transferring hair schools, in search of a hair and beauty college that aligns more with their evolving expectations.

Students transfer hair colleges for a variety of reasons.
Here are the top 10 reasons:

  • Public College Transfer: They are great. Hair program typically is involved with more conceptual and book work and manikin work but lacks the opportunity to explore real life experiences in the salon environment.
  • Balancing Education Quality: A primary concern for students is getting the right mix of theory and practical skills in their education. When a school leans too heavily on one side, students might feel underprepared or overwhelmed, prompting them to look for a program that offers a more balanced approach.
  • The Need for Real-World Experience: Hands-on training is crucial in hairdressing. Students often seek to transfer if their current school lacks opportunities to practice on real clients in a salon-like setting. This practical exposure is vital for building confidence and honing skills.
  • Guidance from Experienced Instructors: The role of instructors can’t be overstated. Students value teachers who not only know their craft but also provide supportive and personalized guidance. A lack of such mentorship can lead students to consider schools where faculty engagement is stronger.
  • Facility Standards: The quality of a school’s facilities, including their salons and equipment, directly impacts the learning experience. Students might transfer to institutions with better, more modern resources to enhance their practical learning.
  • Financial Factors: Education costs are always a consideration. If students feel the tuition doesn’t match the education quality, or if financial issues arise, they may seek more cost-effective yet qualitative options.
  • Social Environment: Feeling connected and part of a community is important. If students experience social isolation or find the school culture doesn’t fit their expectations, they might look for a more suitable social environment.
  • Adapting to Changing Interests: As students progress, their interests might evolve. Schools that don’t offer programs aligning with these new interests can see students transferring to institutions that better cater to their modified career goals.
  • Reputation Matters: While not the top priority, the prestige of a school can be a factor, especially considering long-term career prospects. Students might transfer to more recognized institutions to enhance their resume.
  • Overcoming Academic Challenges: Sometimes, the learning environment can affect academic performance. Students struggling in their current setting may seek a school with a teaching style more conducive to their learning preferences.

Thinking about transferring from your hair school?

Time is crucial with a 10-month program. Reach out to our career counselor soon to discuss if a transfer is right for you. We’re here to help you quickly get back on track and make the most of your hairdressing education journey!